North Slope Decision Support for Water Resources Planning and Management

What is the NSDSS Web Tool?

The NSDSS is a web tool that allows you to:

  • Explore meteorological, general circulation model, zoological, and various other datasets.
  • Publish new observations data.
  • Plan the basic route for an ice road that includes:
    • Optimal route selection given a starting and ending point for the ice road.
    • Assessment of risk related to water availability for the ice road.
    • Assessment of water quality in lakes that provide water for the ice road.
  • Create a water budget model for a lake on the North Slope that includes a sensitivity analysis of lake water supply for ice road construction.
  • Examine the effect of snow fences on lake water budget.
  • Create a lake dissolved oxygen to assess lake water quality.
  • Conduct advanced ice road planning analysis like:
    • Plan ice roads with multiple end points and way points.
    • Assess risk related to finding ridges and river crossings in the landscape.
    • Landscape scale suitability assessment for finding best places to build ice roads.

What are the parts of the NSDSS Web Tool?

    The NSDSS web tool has four widgets:

  • Data Explorer
    • Explore meteorological data recorded on the North Slope
    • Explore General Circulation Model results – used in water budget forecasting.
  • Data Publisher
    • Publish observations data and results of analysis
  • Environmental Analyst
    • Create and run lake water budget models.
    • Create and run lake dissolved oxygen models.
  • Ice Road Planner
    • Create Ice Road Plans
    • Save Ice Road Plans

How do I run the NSDSS Web Tool?

Click to run NSDSS Web Tool

Note that the NSDSS web tool is a Microsoft Silverlight web application. It requires that you install MS Silverlight before you can use it. The tool will prompt you if you need to install Silverlight. Follow the screens to install Silverlight.